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6 tips from Carolina Herrera

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Who can best give us his opinion on the subject is someone who has been in the world of selective perfumery with perfumes that bear his name and surname. Someone like Carolina Herrera .

Carolina Herrera started in fashion in 1981, becoming a prestigious brand. However, it is her daughter, Carolina Adriana Herrera, who dedicates herself to the perfumery line, but always with her mother's help. In 1988, when they decided to entrust the company Puig with the creation and commercialization of their perfumes .

The first from the brand to hit the market was the Carolina Herrera perfume. Currently, the company already has more than 10 women's and men's perfumes different songs, some of which have become bestsellers and even classics.

Throughout your trajectory in perfumery, we are certain that you will find your secrets and tricks for smelling, wearing and buying interesting perfumes:

  1. When trying a fragrance, it is ideal to do it in the morning. The environment is less saturated with odors. Avoid places where scents mix, as this prevents you from properly perceiving the smell of a perfume.
  2. It is not advisable to apply perfume behind the ear, as the fat in this region transforms the essence of the fragrance.
  3. You should not rub the perfume on your wrists to smell it. When rubbing, the structure of the fragrance breaks down, thus varying its fragrance.
  4. In order for the scent of a perfume to last longer, it must be applied to the most sensitive areas of the body: wrists, neck, behind the knees and forearms.
  5. To perfume the hair, it is best to apply the fragrance to the brush with which we comb the hair after showering.
  6. A good perfume should not be noticed either when arriving or leaving a place.

What do you think of these tips from Carolina Herrera about perfumes ? Do any of them apply?
Do you have your own advice ? We would love for you to share it with us.

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