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Autumn is coming!

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A new season of the year means changes to our routines, particularly our Skincare routines! I did not know? And truth! We must adapt our facial care to the season and its characteristics!

What happens with the arrival of autumn?

Our skin cells tend to shrink in the cold, which impairs the concentration of filaggrin , a protein present in our skin that is very important when it comes to hydration! It is therefore very important to boost our skin's hydration at this time to prevent it from becoming drier, parched and more vulnerable.

In autumn we are still facing a season with an incidence of sun exposure, which in itself also requires good skin hydration.

And although there is still sun exposure, can we start removing facial sunscreen?

Facial sunscreen is to be used ALL YEAR ROUND !

Cloudier days and lower temperatures do not reduce the need for sun protection, as these two factors are not indicators of a decrease in solar radiation!

Ultraviolet radiation is mainly responsible for skin aging! Some external signs of skin aging are: thin, dry, rough skin, the appearance of wrinkles and reddish spots. It's really important not to forget to use your facial sunscreen!

Some fundamental tips during this change of season:

When cleaning your skin, use soaps with a moisturizing function and with an appropriate pH (slightly acidic). If your skin is very oily, you should choose to wash your skin only with warm water in the morning.

WARNING: hot water can make your skin drier and rougher!

Choose a lighter moisturizer and avoid using multiple types of moisturizers!

Also use a moisturizing face mask, it's an excellent way to keep your skin hydrated during this time!

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