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Face care routine: step by step!

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For treated and cared for skin we must remember it morning and night! These are a few minutes of our day that will make all the difference to your skin, our well-being and undoubtedly our self-esteem!

Morning routine


Before anything else we must CLEAN! And cleansing means preparing our skin for our day, removing all dirt and sweat.


The second step in our skin's morning routine is to apply a facial serum. Serum is a product that penetrates our skin deeply. If we choose a serum with vitamin C, we also add antioxidant power.


The third step of the routine is hydration! In the morning it is essential to use an eye contour cream and then a moisturizer that should be chosen according to your skin type!


The last step and one that we really shouldn’t neglect is protection! It is essential to use a facial sunscreen with UV protection, even in cold seasons or on cloudy days! Don't forget that radiation always exists, even on rainy days!

Night routine

Even if tiredness wants to win at the end of the day, we must take care of our skin! Follow the steps of your nighttime routine so you don’t forget anything!

Remove makeup

If we put on makeup in the morning, then we must remove all makeup before going to sleep! (Only women in soap operas wake up with makeup!!) Choose your favorite makeup removing lotion and never forget to use it!


After a long day, our skin needs to be cleansed again to remove impurities and dirt accumulated during the day! It is also recommended to use an exfoliant once a week to remove dead skin cells.


Using a facial toner helps hydrate and smooth the skin, preparing it for hydration.


For nighttime care, we should apply a facial mask once a week! Skin nutrition and hydration should not be neglected even at night. We must again use the facial serum and, finally, apply a night cream, which are denser and more nourishing than day creams.

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